artist residency

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The resi­den­cy Vil­le­kul­la is meant to be in a pro­cess of con­stant trans­for­ma­ti­on; editing, deve­lo­ping, focu­sing, re-ela­bo­ra­ting and re-enacting.

Our main inte­rest lays in one’s cur­rent sta­te of thoughts, expe­ri­ments and expres­si­on, rather than in what has been achie­ved in the past. Which traces are fol­lo­wed, what influen­ces are taken into account?

Bes­i­des fer­ti­li­sing a space of focus on one’s own artis­tic acti­vi­ties, it is fun­da­men­tal to us to as well con­sti­tu­te a basis for exch­an­ge and a nou­ris­hing ground for cul­tu­ral dis­cour­se for and with the imme­dia­te envi­ron­ment of the resi­den­cy. What com­pon­ents take part in and defi­ne the artis­tic pro­ces­ses? Does the vil­la­ge bak­er get invi­ted for break­fast or inclu­ded in the pro­cess of a work? Are the picked pears just put in the cel­lar or do you enjoy their juice?


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20 Decem­ber 202310 Janu­ary 2024

stay insecure / unsicher bleiben / rester incertain·x·e

Final exhi­bi­ti­on of the sea­son 2023

Exhi­bi­tors: Arunà Can­eva­sci­ni, Char­lot­te Oli­vi­e­ri, Fred Hei­ne­mann, Léo­nard Bogault, Made­lei­ne Eli­sa­beth Pec­coux, Carl Otto Lin­de, Li Al, Lukas Pfal­zer, Tar­ren John­son, Joel Cocks, Juni Mun

Exhi­bi­ti­onspace: Kro­ne Cou­ron­ne Biel/Bienne

Cura­ting: Coll­ec­ti­ve Vil­le­kul­la in coope­ra­ti­on with the exhibitors