Synnøve Kruse Serup – Fragments from Faucogney-Et-La-Mér

During my stay at the resi­den­cy, the natu­re and sur­roun­dings in Fau­co­gney-Et-Lar-Mér play­ed an important role in my work and the deve­lo­p­ment of my pro­cess. A beau­tiful grey fog­gy ener­gy during the fall sets the tone for peaceful and con­ti­nuing thoughts. I went the­re not kno­wing exact­ly what to expect. What I was met with was wel­co­ming and sett­led. Both from the natu­re, sur­roun­dings, the ener­gy, the coll­ec­ti­ve and the peo­p­le from the vil­la­ge. I found mys­elf nee­ding to adapt a bit, coming from a big city it is quite the con­trast. I ended up fee­ling very freed and inte­gra­ted in the set up I was in. I was the­re for almost 3 months and tru­ly belie­ved my mind and prac­ti­ce bene­fit­ted quite a lot from it. I shared the space with dif­fe­rent artists, which made the stay more like a coll­ec­ti­ve, which I think I nee­ded as well. I spent a lot of time in the forest and local sur­roun­dings, which defi­ni­te­ly set the ground­work for some of my pro­jects while being the­re. A series of works “Tiles and Signs” is crea­ted with lite­ral frag­ments found, seen and expe­ri­en­ced from Fau­co­gney-Et-Lar-Mér. Clo­se to the vil­la­ge, the­re is also a quar­ry that had quite some rele­van­ce to how I work­ed with my cera­mics in a more rough and “natu­ral” or actual­ly unna­tu­ral way. Faucogney’s sere­ni­ty and iso­la­ti­on pro­vi­ded me with the focus nee­ded to give mys­elf and my work the atten­ti­on and care I missed. Real­ly a fan­ta­stic experience!