08 Flat two
flat 2 entrée

Right abo­ve the «gîte», the­re is a simi­lar­ly divi­ded but more rustic apart­ment with the same ground sur­face. All four rooms are only light­ly insu­la­ted, the bedrooms are equip­ped with an oven. Bathroom and kit­chen are not avail­ab­le, but can be used on other floo­rs. Spe­cial: The woo­den and par­quet floo­rs slo­pe funky.

flat 2 entrée
flat 2 smal room
flat 2 big room
courtyard and rooftop
view into the courtyard
01 Chez Monique
Ent­ran­ce on «Grand Rue» side

The space is divi­ded into two parts, with a shop win­dow facing the «Grand Rue». It is sui­ta­ble eit­her as a show­room or as a stu­dio. Chez Moni­que is equip­ped with a „Tiba­herd“ sto­ve, that can be used to heat the space on cold days as well as for coo­king, pre­ser­ving food or dying fab­rics on site.

Din­nerta­ble at the Vernissage
trekking in the nearby woods
trek­king in the near­by woods

See the Home­page of «l’office de tou­ris­me des 1000 étangs» for fur­ther information

The old Mill near «La Mer»
neighbourhood view of st. martin
View from St. Mar­tins Chapel
View of Fau­co­gney from St. Mar­tins Chapel
05 Cour­ty­ard
courtyard from above

The cour­ty­ard essen­ti­al­ly has two floo­rs. The tem­pe­ra­tu­re on part 1 on the first floor stays rather cool. Part 2, the upper level, allo­ws day­light to enter the lower part thanks to its floor con­struc­tion. Several plants enrich the ter­race. The inner cour­ty­ard has a clear pla­stic sheet as a roof, which as well can be rol­led up. In win­ter, the tem­pe­ra­tu­re rare­ly goes below zero. Fur­ther­mo­re, abo­ve the stairs that lead to the first floor, the­re is an out­side bed. 

Lower part
shows courtyard and entrance of the gîte
Upper part
04 Pot­te­ry workshop
pottery shop

The pot­te­ry stu­dio gets day­light through the glass door to the «Rue des Fos­sés». It is equip­ped with a turn­ta­ble, a sta­ble work sur­face and a lar­ge shelf for dry­ing pot­ted objects.

pottery kiln
Choice of glazes
Choice of clays
09 Box

The box is loca­ted on the second floor bet­ween apart­ment 2 and the pri­va­te area (abo­ve the com­mon room). It is acces­si­ble via stairs direct­ly from the Gran­ge. The box is insu­la­ted on all sides and has a small roof win­dow. It is, among other things, par­ti­cu­lar­ly sui­ta­ble for music and sound projects.

06 Com­mon room
Common room oven and kitchen

The sto­ve forms the cent­re of the com­mon room and thus divi­des the room into kitchen/dining area and living room/sewing cor­ner. The kit­chen is ful­ly equip­ped, also for coo­king lar­ger quan­ti­ties. Oil, vine­gar and spi­ces should always be avail­ab­le. In the living room is a day­bed, a couch and a pia­no. In the near­by cor­ner is a sewing machi­ne and a basic selec­tion of threads and fabrics. 

Common room preserving jars
pre­ser­ving jars
drying herbs
Common room kitchen
common room
10 Out­door area
Outdoor area
View onto the village

The green area at the edge of the forest on the upper ter­race of the old cast­le gar­den offers a gre­at view over the val­ley. It is sui­ta­ble for yoga ses­si­ons or cosy bar­be­cue evenings, for example.

Outdoor area
with fire­place
07 Gîte (holi­day home)
gîte small room

The three-room apart­ment con­sists of a small and a lar­ge bedroom, the kit­chen with adjoi­ning dining area, a sau­na and a bathroom with bath­tub and toi­let. The apart­ment is arran­ged in a ring shape. The small bedroom has a dou­ble and a sin­gle bed as well as a small desk. The lar­ge bedroom has a dou­ble and a sin­gle bed, a fire­place and a libra­ry. The kit­chen is open to the dining area, with a table for about eight peop­le and ano­t­her fire­place. The sau­na is elec­tri­cal­ly hea­ted. The who­le apart­ment can be hea­ted with the cen­tral hea­ting (wood-hea­­ting; loca­ted on the first floor) and by the two fireplaces. 

gîte big room double bed
gîte big room single bed
gîte big room oven
gîte bibliothek
gîte kitchen
gîte dining area
gîte sauna
02 Big workshop
Big workshop workbench

The lar­ge work­shop is equip­ped with basic hand machi­nes and tools as well as a small sto­rage of mate­ri­als to use. Fur­ther­mo­re, the­re is a lar­ge band saw and a gas-shiel­­ded wel­ding machi­ne. The win­dows to the Gran­ge (barn) bridge the two spaces visual­ly and allow the exchan­ge of objects. The pas­sa­ge through an arch­way on the side of the «Grand Rue» allo­ws to work on lar­ge objects in the work­shop. The room is not heatable.

Big workshop backside
big workshop gate

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