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«Aban­do­ned old hou­ses and streets
its peop­le, hid­den behind curtains only lured out of their hou­ses by shy sunshi­ne or a fresh baguette from the bakery
steep paths lead into the forest, over­grown with moss
ponds, appearing here and the­re hid­den in bet­ween trees
hands cove­r­ed with soil
sur­roun­ded by flowers
loo­sing myself in the garden
loo­sing myself in deep silence»

Iris Brod­beck

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«With that very fee­ling of remo­teness that is accom­pany­ing me stay­ing at Fau­co­gney-et-la-Mer, I repeated­ly expe­ri­ence times without too much fuss, that enab­le work as well as leisu­re time in an inde­ed raw and honest man­ner. Ever­ything nee­ded is to be found in and around the spaces of Vil­la Villekulla.»

Lino Mei­ster

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«Waking up, fet­ching fire­wood, light­ing a fire
in the stu­dio, san­ding wood, fee­ling the warmth
ope­ning the gate, wel­co­m­ing the sun­light, catching pas­sers-by; «Vous êtrs sculp­teur Monsieur?» 
later in the day through the vil­la­ge and in the gar­den; «Bon­jour, pro­fi­ter du soleil!»
sto­ve­si­de bench evenings.»

Nico­las Lienhard

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«Fog first,
per­cep­ti­on is shifting
time expands, time beco­mes viscous
time slows down
rain after
a fire flickers
in the sto­ve, the smell of autumn
warm­th deep down inside
mist the day after
swal­lows visiting
rowing up by the street

Manu­el Köchli

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«Pro­prié­té pri­vée. I was sit­ting on this ter­race with view on the school buil­ding, which every time anew sparks the impres­si­on of a rather unsuc­cess­ful homage to le Cor­bu­si­er. I had lit a fire in front of me, the heat of the fla­mes rising into the heat of the day. Well, I was neit­her cold nor was it dark, but I love the fire and its cal­ming effect on my thoughts. A new arri­val. I sat the­re, read texts I had writ­ten and then threw them into the fla­mes. A simp­le action, though some­thing I like to do again and again. Some­ti­mes I find it extre­me­ly pathe­tic and roman­ti­ci­s­ing to pur­su­it this sort of ritu­al. A‑rosé, ah a rose or just like somehow too many roses. Like our neigh­bour gar­de­ner, he must have a pre­fe­rence for roses, becau­se his gar­den is over­flo­wing. Now, howe­ver, a stran­ger has appar­ent­ly dar­ed to plant hemp in this over­grown gar­den. Well. Pro­pié­té pri­vée only counts with lakes, here in this area. Sud­den­ly the­re was a dog, and a man, with a slight­ly youn­ger man, and about 20 seconds later a pan­ting midd­le-aged woman (ten­den­cy towards later midd­le age) in my pro­prié­té pri­vée Gärt­li. Bünz­li Gärt­li Seli­na. After a lan­guage remix, long explana­ti­ons about the fire ban not yet being lifted after all – the local warning by SMS still came in, two days ago – it tur­ned out that the fami­ly cul­ti­va­tes the ter­race gar­den direct­ly below the one of Vil­le­kul­la. Out of neigh­bour­ly love, the woman sent her son down the­re with Zack to fetch water to pour over the fire, in a some­what encroa­ching man­ner howe­ver. Arro­ser, Arro­ser. Sun-blea­ched yel­low wate­ring can, for­ty litres of water and a specta­cle of smo­ke in the sunshi­ne, resi­stance was rather futi­le. After the accom­plished and appa­rent feat, the three of them sat down with me on the bench, snu­gly, rol­led a ciga­ret­te on the for­lorn stone slab on the right hand side, and sta­red, some­what less taken aback, tog­e­ther with me at the some­what fai­led homage to Corbusier. »

Seli­na Hofer

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«my main source of inspi­ra­ti­on in and around Fau­co­gney-et-la-mer is the forest, with its nume­rous smal­ler and big­ger sized lakes and ponds, the moss and the fern. fair­ly per­fect for tho­se who appre­cia­te the kitsch.»

Jean­ne Jacob


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Why Vil­la Vil­le­kul­la? The expec­ta­ti­ons of the resi­dence. Your way of working. Reflec­tions on the shared space. Why Fau­co­gney-et-la Mer? Pre­sent your thoughts to us. Whe­ther writ­ten, drawn, dan­ced or as audio. (Plea­se send us poten­ti­al files by email or by regu­lar mail. You will find the address details on the «Con­ta­ct» page. Use wetrans­fer or so if it’s hea­vy data)
Optio­nal. Will be listed on during and after the residency
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The Vil­la Vil­le­kul­la – a place for artists. An antique hou­se with space for living, stu­di­os, work­shops and show­rooms, loca­ted in the medi­eval nucleus of the remo­te vil­la­ge Fau­co­gney-et-la-Mer (FR) amid the „Pla­teau des mil­le étangs“. The Vil­la faci­li­ta­tes slow living and sere­ni­ty, thus space and inspi­ra­ti­on to let artis­tic pro­ces­ses unfold and con­cise con­tem­pla­ti­on take place. A space with fer­ti­le ground for dis­cour­ses, about vita con­tem­pla­ti­va and acti­va, a space for tem­pora­ry com­mu­nities, a space for inter­ven­ti­ons and revi­ta­li­sa­ti­on.

The resi­dents of the Vil­la main­ly live in auto­no­my and by them­sel­ves. The faci­li­ties are taken care of by the cur­rent group of resi­dents and with the accord­ing soli­ci­tu­de. Mind­ful­ness and awa­reness are con­stant co-bein­gs and from time to time, the pears need to plucked off the tree. Howe­ver, to assist coor­di­na­ting pro­jects and spaces as well as to wel­co­me new­bies and wave fare­well to the depar­ting, bein­gs from the collec­ti­ve will tag along the resi­dents, sometimes.

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atelier chez monique

Chez Moni­que

Grange upper part



Pot­te­ry workshop

Common room oven and kitchen


gîte small room


courtyard from above


Outdoor area


big workshop gate


church of st. georges


flat 2 entrée

Flat 2

General terms

The selec­tion of artists or artist collec­ti­ves is car­ri­ed out by the collec­ti­ve Vil­le­kul­la, after effec­ti­ve app­li­ca­ti­on and based on the princi­ples of grass­roots democracy.

The costs amount to CHF 220.– for the 4 week resi­den­cy, CHF 330.- for the 6 week resi­den­cy and CHF 660.- for the 12 week resi­den­cy per per­son and aim to cover ancil­la­ry costs for the time of the stay. Per­so­nal guests of the resi­dents are asked to under­ta­ke a soli­da­ri­ty con­tri­bu­ti­on of total CHF 8.– per night and per­son. Visits of groups big­ger than 5, are to be coor­di­na­ted with the collec­ti­ve Villekulla.

Communication / Publicity

The resi­dents are free to use Vil­la Villekulla’s blog and insta­gram-account to publish and pro­mo­te work and are bound to do at least one con­tri­bu­ti­on during a stay.


On arri­val in Fau­co­gney-et-la-Mer, one mem­ber of the collec­ti­ve Vil­le­kul­la will be pre­sent to hand over the hou­se to the inco­m­ing resi­dents, and take it back befo­re departure.

To use the work­shops, an intro­duc­tion must be made during the han­do­ver. In the event of con­fu­si­on regar­ding the use of machine­ry or mate­ri­als during the resi­dence or in the event of loss and/or dama­ge of fur­ni­tu­re and/or infra­st­ruc­tu­re, the con­ta­ct per­son must be infor­med and the rele­vant item be repla­ced upon agree­ment with the con­ta­ct person.

The collec­ti­ve Vil­le­kul­la does not assu­me any lia­bi­li­ty for the dama­ge of any objects from and of the hou­se, espe­cial­ly no lia­bi­li­ty is assu­med for the loss or dama­ge of pri­va­te objects or in case of inju­ry of resi­dents by third par­ties. The resi­dents are recom­men­ded to take out an ade­qua­te insuran­ce in a suf­fi­ci­ent amount. The resi­dents com­mit to tre­at the pro­vi­ded infra­st­ruc­tu­re, the sur­roun­dings and the neigh­bour­hood with respect and care. More infor­ma­ti­on about the neigh­bour­hood in the manu­al How to?.

Smo­king is pro­hi­bi­ted (except the courtyard).

During the resi­den­cy, plants in and around the hou­se may also be cared for, plea­se water them. And dis­po­se of anything moul­dy or decla­red as waste: green con­tai­ner out on Tues­day and yel­low con­tai­ner out on even calen­dar weeks’ Thursdays.

Befo­re depar­tu­re, all rooms used have to be clea­ned (not only broom-clea­ned) and put back to their ori­gi­nal con­di­ti­on. Bed linen, rags and towels are to be was­hed and hung up to dry. Con­sum­a­bles in the kit­chen (oil, vine­gar, salt, etc.) are to be fil­led up from the ground floor storage.

Last but not least: We do have a lot of space for many things, but we do not want to beco­me a Fun­dus. The­re­fo­re, plea­se take all mate­ri­al back with you, we do not accept mate­ri­al dona­ti­ons – except by arrangement.

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